TaT tour

T(ables) a(re) T(urned) is the new work by austrian composer Bernhard Lang written for my ensemble AlterEgo and the english turntablist Philip Jeck

We premiered this huge 70 minutes long work in Berlin at the Maerz musik festival last march..we had the pleausure to play in the great ,legendary Philarmonie..

now we’re back on the road with TaT and we present it in Holland tomorrow (November music festival in DenBosch), in Wien (Wien Modern festival on nov 14) and Huddersfield on nov 20.

Highly virtuositic ensemble writing ( no conductor!) and very cool interactions with the low-fi nostalgic sounds produced by Philip , TaT is a monument to the art of looping and it has a kind of cool, jazzy , “neon light” patterns  that i really find fascinating…

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Lachenmann and Francesconi@MilanoMusica on saturday night

Working hard on two new adds to my repertoire…two great , fresh, exciting and very experimental pieces for cello and small orchestra-Helmut Lachenmann’s Notturno (Musik fur Julia) written in the end of the sixties and Luca Francesconi’s Unexpected end of a formula-very challenging and intriguing works…Learning to produce sounds in any part of the instrument…bridge…endpin…body of the instrument…!!!

concert on saturday night (8/otc/2011) at MilanoMusica festival


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New Liszt cd out!

My new cd in duo with Emanuele Torquati is out!

It presents the complete works by Liszt for cello and piano duo.

Five original pieces (including the well known masterpiece La lugubre gondola) plus various rarities recorded here for the first time

the transcription by Jules De Swert of the 5 Consolations ,considered by the composer even superior to the original piano version, Angelus from Les annees de pellegrinage and the famous Liebestraum n.3

1. Première Elégie, S. 130 (1874) 04:53
2. Zweite Elégie, S. 131 (1877) 04:37
3. Romance oubliée, S. 132 (1880) 04:04
4. La lugubre gondola, S. 134 (1882–5) 08:17
5. Die Zelle in Nonnenwerth, S. 382 (1883) 06:15
6. Pensées poétiques/Consolations pour piano, S. 172 (1844–9) (arr. J. De Swert), No. 1 in C – No. 4 in D-Flat 04:23
7. Pensées poétiques/Consolations pour piano, S. 172 (1844–9) (arr. J. De Swert), No. 2 in A 02:41
8. Pensées poétiques/Consolations pour piano, S. 172 (1844–9) (arr. J. De Swert), No. 3 in E 04:20
9. Pensées poétiques/Consolations pour piano, S. 172 (1844–9) (arr. J. De Swert), No. 5 in G 02:44
10. Pensées poétiques/Consolations pour piano, S. 172 (1844–9) (arr. J. De Swert), No. 6 in C 03:11
11. Angelus! (Prière aux anges gardiens), S. 163, from Années de Pelèrinages: 3ème année, Italie (arr. L. Windsperger) 08:07
12. Liebestraum No. 3 in G, S. 541 (arr. M.Skalmer) 04:21

The hope is to get new interest to this neglected masterpieces and true gems of the cello repertoire!

more infos here:


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Schumann album,CD OF THE MONTH for the italian magazine Suonare

very proud of the beautiful review that my Schumann album got this month!

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artistic residency in Banna with Ivan Fedele

this week,starting today, I will be with the Quartetto Prometeo in residence for one week in the marvellous Spinola-Banna Foundation near Torino

every year they choose a great composer ,Ivan Fedele this time, to work with two young talented composers ,Raffaele Grimaldi and Eric Maestri in this case and an ensemble (my quartet and the soprano Valentina Coladonato)

at the end of the week we’ll present the three new pieces by the guest composers and Beethoven’s op.95 “serioso”

It seems an ideal place to focus on this new repertoire!

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Distant voices,still lives

Some days ago me and Emanuele Torquati on piano opened the concert series of Villa Romana in Firenze, with a new project that we first called “Canti senza parole” and now found its definitive title “Distant voices ,still lives” (like the bautiful movie by Terence Davies).

It’s based on a free but somehow musically logical sequence of pieces from very distant periods and styles all connected by the idea of transferring or imitating or the human voice on our instruments. Some are Lieder in very special transcription (Brahms by Brahms,Schumann by Grutzmacher,Kurtag by Kurtag) other well known pieces insipred by folk songs (Brahms,Lachenmann)

Here one excerpt from the concert in Firenze a beautiful “Lied ohne worte” by Felix Mendelssohn CantiSenzaParole.Mendelssohn-live (in the trascription for cello and piano by Leopold Grutzmacher)

and here is the programme we played in Firenze :

B. Dean (1961)

Elegy (2001)

F. Mendelssohn (1809-1847)

Lieder ohne worte op. 30 n. 3, op. 38 n.2, op. 53 n. , op. 19 n. 4

H. Lachenmann (1935)

Haenschen klein, da “Ein Kinderspiel” (1981) per pianoforte

A. Zemlinsky (1871-1942)


T. Hosokawa (1955)

Lied III (2007)

J. Brahms (1833-1897)

Intermezzo op. 117 n.1 per pianoforte

G. Kurtag (1926)

Az Hit per violoncello solo

R. Schumann (1810-1856)

Fruhlingsnacht op. 39 n. 12, Dein Angesicht op. 127 n.1 , Romanze op. 138 n. 5

S. Sciarrino (1947)

Melancolia I (1980)

G. Faurè (1845-1924)

Chant funèraire, dalla Sonata n. 2 op. 117

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Again in Berlin for an exciting premiere in Berlin Philarmonie for the prestigious MaerzMusik Festival.

We presented the new 1 hour long work T(ables)a(re)T(urned) by austrian composer Bernhard Lang written for my quintet AlterEgo and the turntablist Philip Jeck. The musical material is made of crazy loops and hypervirtuosistic musical treatment of a song by German krautrock band Amon Duul..We’ll present the piece, later in the year in the most important new music festivals (NovemberMusic-Hertoghenbosch,Huddersfield,WienModern,Copenhagen)

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Lezioni di Tenebra by Lucia Ronchetti

back from Berlin ,where I was involved in the first performance of the chamber opera “Lezioni di Tenebra” by Lucia Ronchetti in the famous Konzerthaus

The piece is a reworking of Cavalli’s Giasone, a baroque,underrated ,masterpiece that Ronchetti  has cut,reorchestrated,deconstructed and completelly reinvented in some parts.

the cello has a central role and the other players often come to it and play together with me..

great fun to play the cello 8-hands!

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Ruido Vermelho

Just back from a two concerts in Germany with my new contemporary music “band” (!) Ruido Vermelho (www.ruidovermelho.com) It’s a trio with portuguese musicians Luis Antunes Pena (eletronics) and Nuno Aroso (percussions) We played our first concert in the beautiful Villa Concordia in (beautiful) Bamberg and a second concert in St.Peter ,Kunststation, in Koln with works by C.Bauckholt,L.Pena,S.Reich (it was really great to perform his PENDULUM MUSIC !)

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2011:new recording projects-LISZT

In the last days I’ve been very busy for the recording of Franz Liszt’s works for cello and piano with Emanuele Torquati (http://www.emanueletorquati.com/)

It will be published by BRILLIANT CLASSICS in the next months and presents all the five original works plus various interesting and rare transcriptions from Liszt’s times recorded for the first time.

here is the tracklist:

Romance oubliee

2 Elegien

Die Zelle in Nonnenwerth

La lugubre gondola

6 Consolations (tr.De Swert)

ANGELUS-Priere aux anges gardiens (tr.Windsperger)

Liebestraume (tr.Skalmer)

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