Ruido Vermelho

Just back from a two concerts in Germany with my new contemporary music “band” (!) Ruido Vermelho ( It’s a trio with portuguese musicians Luis Antunes Pena (eletronics) and Nuno Aroso (percussions) We played our first concert in the beautiful Villa Concordia in (beautiful) Bamberg and a second concert in St.Peter ,Kunststation, in Koln with works by C.Bauckholt,L.Pena,S.Reich (it was really great to perform his PENDULUM MUSIC !)

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2011:new recording projects-LISZT

In the last days I’ve been very busy for the recording of Franz Liszt’s works for cello and piano with Emanuele Torquati (

It will be published by BRILLIANT CLASSICS in the next months and presents all the five original works plus various interesting and rare transcriptions from Liszt’s times recorded for the first time.

here is the tracklist:

Romance oubliee

2 Elegien

Die Zelle in Nonnenwerth

La lugubre gondola

6 Consolations (tr.De Swert)

ANGELUS-Priere aux anges gardiens (tr.Windsperger)

Liebestraume (tr.Skalmer)

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2011:new recording projects-AMULETO

In the first days of 2011 Riccardo Wanke from Lisboa visited me in Firenze and we have been working and recording few days

Riccardo is a very interesting and subtle guitarist (check out his website: and we have a project together called AMULETO

Very personal music, made of improvisations,drones,and sound experiments with feedback ,mixed with field recordings from some of our travels…

the first album came out few months ago with DIE SCHACHTEL in the Musica Improvvisa Box and got flattering reviews on Blow Up and Wire,but we feel the new material is one step ahed in what we resarch in terms of sound…amuleto in Lisboa

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With Alvin Lucier in Buenos Aires

Nice concert with music by Alvin Lucier in Teatro San Martin in Buenos Aires last week.
Played his piece for cello and sine waves “Charles Curtis” and other chamber pieces.
very special, meditative and poetic works and had beautiful time working with him.

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Prometeo Quartet and Mario Brunello

Yesterday night beautiful and exciting concert with Quartetto Prometeo and Mario Brunello in Bologna for the prestigious MUSICA INSIEME concert series.

Music by two cellists composers,old and new:

Luigi Boccherini and Giovanni Sollima

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Schumann album out!

My new  Schumann double CD with pianist Emanuele Torquati released for BRILLIANT CLASSICS is now available! Schumann and the cello: we may think of the fine, late and rhapsodic Cello Concerto, or the lighter Stücke im Volkston, much beloved of cello students this past century and a half. But here is something different: songs, piano works — including the complete Kinderszenen cycle — and the Second Violin Sonata, all arranged for cello and piano by Schumann ‘s contemporary and collaborator Friederich Grutzmacher and recorded here for the first time…

listen:Schumann-Du Bist Wie Eine Blume

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with Prometeo Quartet, (photo by Stefano Bottesi)


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